Power Management and Cloud Security Demos at Day in the Cloud

The recent Day in the Cloud event showcased reference architecture demos from members of the Intel Cloud Builders cloud services ecosystem that addressed a variety of solutions relating to cloud computing infrastructure.

Intel’s Alan Priestly recently blogged from the event and highlighted a couple of particularly relevant subjects: policy-based power management and security in the cloud.

Policy-based power management provides more control over server and data center power consumption based on specific, pre-determined policies. Alan calls out the newly published reference architecture from Dell and JouleX as an example of how to integrate power management solutions that help data center operators manage power consumption based on utility pricing and demand, helping to mitigate costs.

Security in the cloud is one of the key topics whenever cloud computing initiatives are discussed. The recent reference architecture from HyTrust and VMware provides some insight into trusted compute pools, which is a set of servers capable of supporting a trust boot process at the hardware level.

We’ll bring you more cloud insight from Alan in the future, along with the latest on the Day in the Cloud events.