Reliable, Real-Time, Results: The Powerful Combination of SAP HANA* and Intel® Xeon® Processor E7v3 Family

Intel recently introduced the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3 family. Last year, as part of our partnership with SAP and our ongoing commitment to improve business technology, we worked together to dramatically improve the SAP HANA* platform and the Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 family performance and query analysis.

Now, we’re transitioning to the new generation of Xeon processors. The performance gains and new features just keep getting better, helping employees to work smarter, faster, and make critical decisions in a real-time environment.

The newcomer to the Intel Xeon processor E7 family is Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX), hardware improvements for easier multi-core programming. Working to maximize the high-core counts and multi-threading capabilities, Intel TSX allows the processor to determine dynamically whether threads need to serialize through lock-protected critical sections and to perform serialization only when required.

When enabled, and in conjunction with SAP HANA SPS9*, Intel TSX enabled on the Intel Xeon processor E7 v3 family delivered transactions over twice as fast as previous generation processors for a total of 6x more transactions per minute.


The Intel Xeon processor E7 v3 family also includes more than 40 RAS features to keep mission-critical systems, such as your SAP environment, always up and running. Features such as Intel® Run Sure Technology help servers bounce back from a larger range of errors without impacting the operating system. Your server firmware or operating system is given reign over memory management to reduce costs. And server downtime is minimized with multiple rank sparing, so you can include a second rank for dynamic failovers. DDR4 recovery cuts down on memory errors that could lead to a system crash.

All of these improvements to the Intel Xeon processor E7v3 family plus the latest SAP HANA platform deliver business insights faster to improve business-critical decision-making abilities.

To learn more about how SAP HANA running on servers built with the Intel Xeon E7v3 processor family can drastically improve the way you process and analyze data, read the full solution brief.

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