Sales Brief or Product Brief – What is the Difference? … Do You Have A Preference?

We all live in the information age and are bombarded constantly by more message and information than we can realistically consume (sorry for adding with this blog). I love Facebook, am involved in Linked-In and am exploring (as a newbie) Twitter. These forums and tools are really cool and if I wanted to, I could spend my life playing with them.  Last week, someone described twitter as a river of information and guided me to jump in and paddle downstream, not upstream.

So, that is the input I’m looking for on this blog. I just posted 2 documents as resources in the Server Roomabout the new Intel Xeon processor 5500 (Nehalem) product.

ð        Sales Brief– 2 page brief focused on the benefits of purchasing new servers

ð        Product Brief– 12 page brief focused on all the usages, technology and benefits inside the new servers

I’m told that people don’t like “sales” briefs.  Personally I like short and sweet, but give me the tools to dig into more detail if I want. 

that’s just my style – What’s Yours?

1) Which do you like more, if you have a preference?

ð        Sales Brief

ð        Product Brief

2) What do you do?

o        IT – I deploy server technology to benefit my business.

o        Sales – I sell or re-sell technology to IT and business owners.

o        Developer – I design and build servers or use them to design software products.