Scalable Virtualization Infrastructure: How Are You Driving ROI?

In the management practices of most datacenters I see IT driving more efficiency from their infrastructure by switching to virtualization. As they do so and develop confidence over the years, the types of applications that are getting deployed with virtualization are also changing. Even the scalable enterprise apps are being considered as good candidates for virtualization.

IT managers now have the building blocks to consider deploying scalable enterprise apps using virtualization with increasing SMPness in VMM’s like 8-way vCPU capability in VMware vSphere, Intel Xeon virtualization hardware assists, NICs with virtualization hardware assists, and scalable system architectures based on Intel Xeon from IBM such as 3850, 3950 and BladeCenter servers. VMware HA and DR solution and chipset architecture with reliability and availability features further provide the confidence for business critical needs of enterprise apps. Capabilities such as VMware VMotion and FlexMigration help increase efficiency of the infrastructure with such environment.

Economic condition at the same time is also putting more pressure on the IT to deliver more value within a constrained budget. Refreshing old hardware and adopting virtualization are simple strategies to achieve such goals.

I’ll be talking about virtualization with the new VMware vSphere on IBM Intel processors on August 12, 1 PM EST.  I’ll be joined by Bob Zuber, Program Director, High Performance, IBM.   The webinar is designed to help IT managers better understand scalable virtualization infrastructure, enterprise application virtualization, reduced TCO, and efficiency benefits along with a special financing opportunity.

Register for the session on “Virtualize with the new VMware vSphere on IBM Intel processors and take advantage of special financing”.

In the meantime, I’ll be answering related questions leading up to the webcast, and during the webcast.  I’d also like to hear how you’re delivering more value in the data center within a constrained budget.