Scaling Performance Forward – What is it and why do you care?

At Intel when we think of scaling performance forward we think of one word, evolution, not revolution.

By evolution we mean developing high performance computing solutions that offer you the balance your applications require in order to deliver the best performance they can.  We do not maximize processor performance without matching it with the necessary memory capacity, bandwidth and system i/o.  We look to match these important components of performance to insure the data is where it needs to be, when it is needed to be in order to quickly and efficiently change it into actionable information.  We maximize your performance by minimizing your latencies.

Maximize your performance today, simplify your software development needs, and scale your performance forward as newer microarchitectures debut.

Seamless performance – bigger science – that is what we help you achieve faster than ever before.

To learn more about our approach to delivering highly effective HPC processors and software tools come to the Sun HPC Virtual Tradeshow on September 17th 2009 starting at 8am PDT.  In the virtual event attend the Intel presentation on “Accelerating Your Applications And Scaling It Forward” by Wes Shimanek & Dr. Nash Palaniswamy at 10:30am PDT.