Searching for Cloud Computing Solutions: Two upcoming events may help

There are many resources to find solutions for your cloud computing needs.  For example Intel has the Cloud Builders start page, the Reference Architecture Library, and of course this site – the Cloud Builders Forum.  We would like to share a couple more resources, two events that could provide you with value and assistance in your search for solutions.

The first is a webcast on Thursday, December 9th at 11:00 a.m. PST presented by Intel and Red Hat on delivering your own cloud computing solutions titled: "Build real clouds today with Red Hat Cloud Foundations."


Join Red Hat and Intel to learn how you can build a private cloud today in an evolutionary way that makes use of and integrates with technologies that you already own. Proceed at your own pace and maintain strategic flexibility for the future with infrastructure products from Red Hat and Intel that provide a robust, enterprise-class environment that is consistent across bare metal, virtualized servers, private clouds, and public clouds.

For more information and to register check out the Cloud Builders Series page.

The second event is also a webcast, and is on Thursday, December 16th at 11:00 a.m. PST.  This webinar will discuss the open data center and five ways you can benefit.


Find out how Intel's new Open Data Center Initiative will make deploying data center solutions more secure, simple and efficient. In this live webcast and Q&A, Intel will explain their open, interoperable approach and will present 5 usage models addressing key user IT pain points that are in turn addressed by Intel ® Cloud Builders reference architectures. Learn about the Open Data Center Alliance, an independent consortium of over 70 global IT leaders focused on delivering next-generation data center and cloud requirements to meet the challenges facing IT in an open, industry-standard and multi-vendor fashion.

For more information and to register check out Infoworld.