Selecting the Right Xeon Processor Just Got Easier

Since we started the Ask An Expert discussion thread in the Server Room a couple years ago, I found that the community often asked for guidance between selection of server system type and processor number as IT professionals sought to make the best purchase for them.

As I responded to these threads, I realized there were a lot of the same questions occurring over and over again.  I then thought that having a selection tool to allow the community to guide themselves through a few questions to help narrow the options might be a valuable.

Sometimes the world (ok Intel) moves too slowly for me.  My brainchild on this was something I wanted to have done about a year ago with the first 45nm quad-core processors (Xeon 5400).  However, our server and corporate marketing teams got a little distracted by the Xeon 5500 (Nehalem) processor launch.

However, after much delay I’m proud to introduce this simple, interactive Xeon Server processor selector tool that can help you choose which server system type and processor would be ideal for your application and business goals.  With Three Easy Steps, you can narrow your choices.         

  • Step 1: Identify the business environment, application type and primary purchase criteria
  • Step 2: Compare and Choose the processor family (7000, 5000, 3000)
  • Step 3: Compare and Choose the specific processor within that family

In this 3rd step you can look at price, performance, power and feature set across multiple CPUs to help you narrow.  Take a short cut and look at the most popular CPUs or expand your options and look at the whole range of offerings.

We also have a Workstation Selection Tool (this tool was what  triggered the idea to create a server one)

Other IT and business value assessment tools from Intel include:


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