Server Selection – Simplified

OK ... Selecting the right server is anything but simple, but the process should be.

Selecting the right server to meet your business needs is critical to meet the changing needs of your business. What is right for you, is not likely right for the next IT professional – Why? In my experience, every IT and business is unique. What applications you run, the technology you have deployed today and your business goals are most likely are different from your peers and competitors.

Choosing the wrong server could result in sub-optimal business and financial results. Oversizing your server can result in too much headroom and under utilization over the life of your server deployment. On the other hand, if you under undersize, you may need to replace your server earlier than you planned or deal with increased complaints from users or customers (if they complain) about unresponsive applications during peak work times.

This guide highlights the latest technology options available from Intel and helps walk you through three easy overview steps to select and size your next server.

Step 1: Needs

What do your applications demand of your server?

Step 2: Capabilities

Compare capabilities and benefits of different servers

Step 3: Match

Optimize value by matching needs to capabilities