Shanda Games Cuts Internet Data Center Costs with the Cloud and Intel® Xeon®

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As a leading Chinese online game developer, operator, and publisher, Shanda Games, Ltd., serves gamers by continuously launching diversified online game products. When Shanda launched new games, its strategy was to purchase new servers to support them. But with more games coming online, this strategy led to a continuous increase in Internet data center expenses and server maintenance costs. Shanda lacked flexibility to allocate its computing resources, which was affecting its business.

The solution was virtual server clusters based on the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series that can consolidate servers from 6:1 to 8:1 and operate multiple Shanda online games. Adjusting the server use model lets Shandaflexibly distribute and allocate its computing resources, reducing Internet data center operating costs by about 80 percent. Integrating resources and simplifying the infrastructure of the game operating system also lowered server maintenance and administration costs.

“Intel's cloud platform reference architecture provides a reliable technological architecture for us to rapidly deploy a cloud platform for our gaming operations,” explained Chen Guixin, director of  Shanda’s Technical Support Center. “Today, not only are the computing resources of each of our servers being fully utilized, but our basic infrastructure has been simplified, the quantity of physical servers has been reduced, and our Internet data center cost has decreased because of the application of Intel virtualization technologies.”

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