Should I stay or should I go now?

Are you hearing this clamor? Nope, this is not London Calling! But your employees calling for more performance, your customers calling for faster response time, your boss for more savings.

Have you been waiting to upgrade until your existing servers clash, I mean, crash? This economy has led to a lot of indecision, but when it comes to upgrading your servers, the benefits are pretty big not matter the size of your company.

Good news, the new Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series-based servers will deliver just that and more.

• Save money. By spending money now, you can save in the long run. The latest Intel Xeon processor-based servers deliver more performance than previous generations. Small businesses can consolidate three older servers to one new server and still have room to grow (1). And make sure to take advantage of government and manufacturer server incentives. All of that adds up to a return on your refresh investment in about a year. This tool can help your calculate your ROI:

• Be more competitive. You want to be ready when things rebound and rely on competitive IT equipment. The additional performance and improved reliability offered by updated servers means a more productive staff and faster response times for your customers.

• Avoid hidden costs. The other thing to consider with older servers is the expenses that you don’t expect, like maintenance and downtime. You know - one day is fine, next day is black. To get your boss off your back and your business running smoothly, newer equipment now is a great idea.

So, if fast ROI, savings, increased performance, improved productivity, new warranty sound like music to your ears, talk to your IT solutions provider ( about going with an Intel Xeon processor-based server.

And for more info, check out this new brochure:

Almost as good as the lyrics from The Clash

[1] Source: Intel Xeon Server Refresh Savings Estimator, Jul 09