Simplifying the BMC configuration on an Intel Server Platform

Customers have spoken, and Intel has listened - there are now three different methods to setting up the BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) on a Intel Xeon 5500 Series Server Platform to simplify your installation methods for these servers.

IPMI 2.x


Intel Intelligent

Power Node Manager

Intel® Server Board S5500HCV


Intel® Server Board S5500BC


Intel® Server Board S5500HV


Intel® Server Board S5500WB


Intel® Server Board S5520HC


Intel® Server Board S5520UR

  • ipmitool - this is the most common tool used by system administrators to setup their BMC en mass.  Many end users have scripts in place to deploy and configure the BMC no matter which platform is being used.  The iBMC is IPMI 2.x compliant and will also accept the open-ipmi commands for configuation.  Shown below is a windows based version of ipmitool doing a simple chassis status query on the S5520UR platform.


  • BIOS configuration - this is new as of BIOS40 on the 5500 series platforms, and a welcome change.  For many of you who often use the BIOS for configuration of platform technologies - you can now also add the manageability settings of the BMC in the BIOS as well. 
  • BIOS-Server_Management_BMC_SETUP.jpg

  • Intel Deployment Assistant CD - this setup CD has been around for some time, and many users like the refreshed interface - it's a simple bootable ISO which allows for configuration of BIOS, Manageability, RAID and even OS preparation.  You can also save profiles to speed your deployment process across multiple servers.


Let us know how your BMC setup process works - how do you do setup?  Do you have any recommendations or tips?  Thanks for reading!