Simplifying the Cloud On-Boarding Process… Securely

As we talk to customers, they typically look for  ways to simplify the Cloud On-boarding process as they migrate application  workloads between cloud environments.

In today’s virtualized data centers,  migrating an entire application and its associated virtual machine(s) from site  to site can be complex. Migrations of mission- critical applications need to  happen quickly and seamlessly with no impact to the underlying storage that  supports your applications.

Storage federation enables IT to quickly and  efficiently support the business through pools of resources that can be  dynamically allocated. This flexibility elevates the value IT offers within the  business, as application and data movement is possible for better support of  services. To address the need for mobility and flexibility to support cloud  on-boarding and cloud bursting, EMC has developed federation-based storage  solutions to provide cooperating pools of storage resources.

EMC VPLEX Metro delivers a virtual storage solution that addresses the need for  cloud on-boarding through federation and creates cooperating pools of storage  resources. Federation enables IT to quickly and efficiently support the  business through pools of resources that can be dynamically allocated.

As customers migrate on-board applications between  cloud environments, they must ensure that they migrate virtual machines to hosts  that are secure. Intel® Trusted Execution  Technology (Intel® TXT) allows you to validate the launch status of the  host, thereby enabling the on-boarding of virtual machines onto trusted hosts  while it prevents virtual machines from being migrated to un-trusted hosts.

Intel TXT is a set of enhanced hardware components  designed to protect sensitive information from software-based attacks. Intel  TXT features include capabilities in the microprocessor, chipset, I/O  subsystems, and other platform components. When coupled with an enabled  operating system, hypervisor, and enabled applications, these capabilities  provide confidentiality and integrity of data in the face of increasingly  hostile environments.

Stop by the EMC booth at IDF this week to learn more about how technology from Intel and EMC can enable you  to securely on-board your mission critical applications.

Josh Mello, Solutions Technical Marketing, EMC