Small Business and IT: Cori and Emily Help You Do More with Less

Businesses of all sizes are under more and more pressure to increase their productivity.  The economic slowdown and gradual recovery means that many companies are reluctant to expand their workforce or make large capital investments – even if their business is growing. At the same time, small businesses are looking at ways to increase their focus on profitable customers. How to make this happen without breaking the bank? IT tools that improve employee productivity.

Many small businesses already know this. Productivity was the top reason given for new PC purchases in 2009 (AMI partners Q1’10).  But what does “productivity” mean for a small business environment?

  • Get work done in more places. According to a 2009 Yankee Group study, 50% of US SMB employees are mobile (defined as spending at least 20% of their time away from the office)
  • Get work done faster. More and more businesses require compute-intensive applications such as video conferencing, video editing, and business intelligence software.
  • Get work done in new ways. IT systems must be able to efficiently run the increasing burden of concurrent applications, from running multiple flash-based websites to monitoring system security and performing on-demand data encryption and backup.

One area often overlooked by small businesses who want to increase their productivity is the back-end of their IT environment: the server. (We know you’re already in the “Server Room”– so this should come as no surprise).  An Intel® Xeon® processor-based server may look similar to a desktop, but under the hood it’s a whole different story. Transition from a 4+ year old desktop processor-based server to a server based on the entry-level Intel® Xeon® Processor 3400 series and you’ll get a system that’s more than three times faster and 1.8 times more energy efficient.

Our entry-level Intel® Xeon® processors are designed to improve system performance while multi-tasking and during compute-intensive usage while increasing your productivity while working remotely. In simple terms, with Intel you can take your small business IT solutions to new levels. But don’t just take it from us. Watch the video below to see what another SMB (alright, it’s a school) was able to accomplish with a server upgrade.

We want to know how you are increasing your productivity in these difficult times. What is stopping you from updating to the latest hardware?  If you want to make over your IT environment but need help getting started, why not ask a professional? Intel® Tech Pros are authorized Intel® resellers that are experts in connecting small businesses with the latest computing innovations. Located in your community, Intel Tech Pros are an excellent resource for systems, parts and services.

And speaking of IT makeovers, watch this blog for more information on how you can win one for FREE!