Small Business IT Tune-up: Contest Winner #3

Drumroll, please…

Announcing the third and final winner of our Intel® Xeon® Processor “IT Tuneup” contest: Josh Leake of Plum Tree Mortgage. Josh, like many small business owners, wanted to grow his business but was hampered by his IT infrastructure – in this case, a desktop system that was being used as a server.  As Josh puts it, “We’d used it for about seven years, and it was definitely reaching the end of its lifecycle…everything started to run slow.”

Fortunately, Josh spotted a notification about the IT Tuneup contest on Facebook, and saw an opportunity for a much-needed technology upgrade.

After being selected as one of the winners of the IT tuneup contest, Josh was partnered with a local Intel® Technology Provider, Computek, who helped Josh identify the right combination of hardware and software to meet the needs of his business. As Computek’s Derald Krause explained, “The first thing we wanted to do with this new server was to have Josh explain what he’s doing today and how he’s managing his customers’ data. Anytime we sell and implement a server to any financial service company, security for the company and the customers’ data is our number one concern.”

Now that they have upgraded to an Intel® Xeon® Processor-based  ‘Real Server’ designed for 24x7 operation, Plum Tree Mortgage can take advantage of features designed to increase both security and uptime – like support for Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory, which automatically detects and corrects memory errors to keep systems up and running. They also get the benefits of improved performance from processor features like Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology.

Now Josh and the Plum Tree Mortgage team have the IT performance they need to stay responsive to the needs of their customers—today and tomorrow.

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