Small Business IT Tuneup Contest Winners

Back in November, we told you about our IT Tune Up Contest designed to give small businesses an IT makeover. We sorted through contest entries from around the country, and chose 3 deserving winners. Each small business received a new Intel® Xeon® processor-based server, $5,000 worth of additional hardware and software, and integration help from a local technology expert.

Let’s meet our first winner…Button Dodge of Kokomo, IN. Josh Shannonhouse, the IT director of Button Dodge, sent us this appeal on YouTube describing his need for an IT makeover:

As Josh described to us in the attached case study, “pretty much all our networking equipment had to be gutted and replaced. When I started in this position, they had no server or any kind of network management to speak of. Basically, everything was just in one big workgroup.  There were some network printers and static IPs, but that's about it. No real file sharing, no way to manage the PCs.  It was just a mess.”

With such a decentralized configuration, network breakdowns that happened almost weekly placed a heavy burden on operations. As Josh told us, “We had some processes in place if the PCs go down to do things the old fashioned way—by paper and by hand. But it's very inefficient, and it takes at least twice as long. It really slows us down. In some departments it completely brings us to a standstill."

After winning an IT makeover from Intel, Button Dodge received a real server – and a whole lot more. With its new hardware, Button Dodge immediately saw improvements to their business operations, and their bottom line. According to Josh, “We’ve gained file sharing, printer sharing, roaming profiles, and the ability to centrally manage our systems.”

Does Button Dodge’s “before” situation sound familiar to you? If so, consider contacting your local Intel® Technology Pro who can help support your business with the IT infrastructure you need and at a cost that fits your budget.