Smart Investment for Small Business: Intel Xeon Processor E3 Family-Based Servers

Times are tough and budge ts are tight these days. Gas costs more than $4 a gallon (I remember when it was under a dollar!). Small business owners, like most folks, are watching their bottom line and counting their pennies. Not necessarily the best time to invest in your IT infrastructure, you might think. Well, according to the fine folks at IDC research, the nearly 8 million SMBs in the United States will spend more than $125 billion on IT in 2011 – and that’s $5 billion more than they spent in 2010.

So now that we know small business owners ARE spending money on their infrastructure – how can they spend it wisely? We think that upgrading storage/network/backup capacity with a new Intel Xeon processor E3 family-based server system is a smart start. Platforms based on this new generation of single socket processors are up to 5.9x faster and 6.5x more energy-efficient than a 4 year old desktop-based system. Plus, they have more I/O ports and more memory capacity than a desktop to support the storage and networking needs of a growing business – and they are validated to run on server-class operating systems and applications.

And don’t get me started on the value of ECC memory, which is only supported by Intel® Xeon® processors. ECC stands for Error Correcting Code memory, which detects and corrects almost all memory errors before they have a chance to corrupt data or crash your system. Haven’t we all suffered the loss of an important file – not to mention an entire hard drive? For only a slightly larger investment than the purchase of a new desktop system, you can choose a “real server” based on the Intel Xeon Processor E3 family. We’re talking a couple hundred bucks here, folks…less than 25 cents a day over the life of your system…and isn’t your valuable data worth a little extra money to keep safe?

Here's another short video "starring" me and Cori Driver where we put a humorous spin on the value of a "real server" for small businesses - enjoy!