Social Bookmarking in Enterprise Project Management

One of the points emphasized in project management is to document key learnings from a project, as an ongoing exercise. In Intel, we have post-implementation-reviews (PIR) after each project where we document what went well and what we could have done better, among other things. The goal is to learn from our work and use the learnings in our new projects.

Is this process really working? Although the process of having PIR is well established, learning from the PIRs seems to be missing. How many of us search for old projects and get these learnings before we start new projects?

In the external world,* and digg* are example of some of the social bookmarking tools. These tools are used to find relalated information using tags. What if we do the same within the enterprise? The project managers/ team members can start tagging their projects with relevant labels. Then when a new project is spawned, the employee searches for related projects using the tag, and reuses wherever possible.

Technology-wise, this is an easy solution to implement using the existing Enterprise 2.0 tools. The challenge is with the user discipline. Unless it becomes a habit and people start tagging the projects, it is very difficult to implement social bookmarking to search for old projects. Though we have started embracing some of the enterprise 2.0 tools in our project management, social bookmarking does not yet have a place.

We would be interested in hearing from you. Do you use social bookmarking in your project management activities? If yes, how difficult was it to get the employees adopt the practice? Would love to hear from you on this subject.

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