Software-Defined Infrastructure: The Data Center Future

For years, the philosophy driving data center investment focused on hardware and memory, and the responsibility of IT was to harden this infrastructure, optimize it for specific application stacks, and evolve the components for long-term growth of projected workloads. But this lack of flexibility now hinders the agility and fast-moving resource planning needed when companies are faced with managing the enormous amount of data generated by 24/7 business activities, business intelligence tools, big data analytics and the Internet of Things. 

The availability of cost-effective, cloud-based computing power, software as a service, and commodity servers and storage changes the reigning philosophy behind the data center. While hardware remains important, now it’s software that manages, allocates, monitors and mediates workflows across scalable infrastructure.

To keep up with the growing mountains of data, many businesses are following in the footsteps of Internet giants Amazon, Facebook and Google, by moving to a software-defined infrastructure. And it’s the leading edge of their offerings: IDC reports that cloud software spending, which is primarily software as a service, accounts for 86 percent of the cloud revenue pie.

The Intel® Data Center Manager Portfolio helps IT administrators pursue this vision with software that helps control and optimize on-premises and cloud infrastructures to improve manageability, increase availability, and reduce costs. Learn more about the Intel Datacenter Manager Portfolio, and start the move toward a software-defined future.

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