Sohu Cuts Data Center TCO by up to 16 percent with Intel® Solid State Drives

itc_cs_sohu_ssd_carousel_preview.jpgWhen Sohu Company decided it needed to improve the storage capacity of its search servers, its solution was to repurpose three hard disks it was using as system disks for data storage. It also wanted to improve the performance stability of its search servers and the computing and data reading/writing ability of the data cache in its search servers during peak search hours.

Sohu found a  solution that paid off in a big way, replacing the three SAS* hard disk arrays in the search server with one Intel® X25-V Value Solid State Drive so that it could repurpose the three hard disks for data storage.

“We deployed Intel® SSD as the startup disk for the search servers in our data center,” explained Zhang Shuguang, senior manager, for Sohu. “This enabled us to release three hard disks per server...helping us reduce TCO on business applications up to 16 percent.”

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