South Korea Team Aims to Return to Intel Parallel Universe Computing Challenge

Although they didn’t reach the finals last year, the team representing South Korea’s Seoul National University performed quite well in the Intel Parallel Universe Computing Challenge. They helped demonstrate the significant growth of parallel computing skills—and supercomputing trivia knowledge—from this Asian sphere.

Last year’s team captain, Wookeun Jung, a graduate PhD student in the Multicore Computing Research Laboratory in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University has applied to return to the 2014 challenge which will be conducted at SC14 in November.

This year’s team, called TBD for “The Brilliant Dummies,” includes a combination of members who participated last year and some new faces from Seoul National University.

From left to right, Gangwon Jo,  Jungho Park, Wooeun Jung, and Hongjune Kim in the Multicore Computing Research Laboratory

Q: First, tell me the thinking behind your team’s name?

A: Our team name is TBD, The Brilliant dummies, because we are:

  • Brilliant enough to solve the complicated HPC problems, and
  • Dummies that only can solve those HPC problems.

Of course, whether we would be brilliant in the competition or not is TBD.

Q: What was the most exciting thing about last year’s Parallel Universe Computing Challenge?

A: Last year, we made some expected questions by ourselves to prepare for the trivia round. Surprisingly, some of them were presented in the competition so that we could get a good score. It was an exciting experience.

3. How will your team prepare for this year’s challenge?

A: Similar to the last year, we’ll focus on preparing for the trivia round.

4. What would you suggest to other teams who are considering participation?

A: Last year's challenge was very exciting. I expect an interesting and exciting challenge in this year, too. Please don't hesitate to participate, and let's enjoy the challenge!

5. SC14 is using the theme “HPC Matters” for the conference. Can you explain why “HPC Matters” to you?

A: HPC is an important field that has a great impact on many other fields of computer science and engineering. We are proud to be studying in this field. In addition, we love this field because it is our funding source.

Information about the Intel Parallel Universe Computing Challenge and how high performance computing groups can participate in the SC 14 event can be found here.