Sunnybrook Cuts Costs and Meets Density and Power Requirements with Intel® Xeon® Processors

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sunnybrook.jpgCaring for a million patients a year, Toronto-based Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre faced rising demand for services—but its main data center was reaching capacity. By virtualizing on Intel® Xeon® processors 5600 series and upgrading the data center’s cooling technology, Sunnybrook doubled the number of racks its data center can support and significantly reduced energy consumption. Sunnybrook saves tens of thousands of dollars each year on electricity costs and earned a one-time Data Centre Incentive Program (DCIP) incentive award of CAD 33,360 from its utility provider, Toronto Hydro Electric System Ltd.

“Our ability to consolidate more virtual guests on fewer physical hosts has increased, not only because of software advances, but because of Intel’s advances in multi-core performance,” explained Oliver Tsai, director of information technology for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. “The net result is that we’re able to pack a tremendous amount of compute power into a very dense server rack setup in our renovated data center.”

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