SuperComputer Under Your Desk?

Today, I was made aware through my twitter contacts about the Cray CX1 product. Since i have been doing several online webinars and blogs recently talking about the advances in HPC performance over last decade and what innovation has enabled for mainstream HPC users. So i wanted to share what i found about Cray.  In short, the CX1 is an HPC solution Purpose-Built for Offices, Laboratories or Other Constrained Environments and sized to fit under a desk, contains up to 8 server blades and an awful lot of storage and I/O.

Read more straight from Cray's CX1 product brief ... "Who says world-class high performance computing (HPC) should be reserved for large research centers? The Cray CX1™ supercomputer makes HPCperformance available to everyone, combining the power of a high performance cluster with the affordability, ease-of-use and seamless integration of a workstation. Equipped with powerful Intel® Xeon® processors and state-of-the-art visualization and storage capabilities ... (more)