Supercomputing 2011: Intel Chip Chat on The Ground in Seattle

Starting Sunday morning, SC11 is now in full swing!  We’re on the ground talking to the experts in supercomputing from Intel and around the industry.  You could say we’re a bit super charged for supercomputing this week! 🙂

The Supercomputing conference is one of the largest HPC events in the United States and in the world with industry representatives, researchers from academia, and everyone in between gathered to share, show, and study the future of high performance computing.  And Intel Chip Chat is on scene to bring you the experts live!  You’ve got questions on HPC, cluster computing, and everything supercomputing - We’ve got the experts with the answers!

Who do we have?  How about: Jon Riley from NCMS; Brock Palen from MLDS; and Arch Robison, Debra Goldfarb, James Reinders, John Hengeveld, and Joe Curley from Intel; to name just few...

Tune in, turn on, tech out live Tuesday & Wednesday November 15/16 from 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM

Get your questions in now, or live to @IntelChipChat or e-mail