TCC Technology Enhances Data Centers for Cloud Computing Services

itc_cs_tcctechnologies_xeon_carousel_preview.jpgThailand-based technology services provider TCC Technology (TCCT) needed to consolidate its server infrastructure and embrace an open, standards-based technology environment. The solution it found was to move its RISC-based applications to run on the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series platform. The move enabled TCC to consolidate on an open platform with the flexible resources, top performance, and agile services its private and public cloud customers need.

The new platform incorporates high performance with the energy-efficient benefits of 32nm silicon technology and advanced power state management. This enables TCCT to boost its total computing performance with no significant increase in power and cooling requirements. The open, standards-based architecture of the new platform freed TCCT from its dependency on proprietary hardware systems. This meant TCCT had greater freedom of choice and could benefit from the wide range of configurations and vendors.

“We have made a decision to walk away from a proprietary to an open system in order to reduce costs and mitigate dependency risk,” explained Kosit Suksingha, managing director of TCC Technology.

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