The Data Stack – April 2014 Podcast Round-up

In April, Chip Chat finished archiving HP Discover episodes and moved onto Mobile World Congress, with episodes on NFV orchestration and comms servers, as well as a couple of great episodes on enterprise IT and Genomics work at Intel. The Digital Nibbles Podcast has a couple of related episodes on forecasting innovation and industry trends (everything as a service and seamless technology integration). If you have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming podcast, feel free to leave a comment on this post!

Intel Chip Chat:

  • Live from HP Discover: An Enterprise IT Update – Intel® Chip Chat episode 307: In this archive of a livecast from HP Discover, Pat Buddenbaum, the Director of the Enterprise Segment at Intel, stops by to talk about the two paradigm shifts in enterprise IT – cloud computing and business analytics (also introducing visual analytics to our listeners) and how enterprises like BMW deal with not only offering traditional IT to employees, but also supporting a million connected cars on the road in a cloud environment. For more information, visit
  • Live from HP Discover: IT as a Primary Strategy Driver for Business – Intel® Chip Chat episode 308: In this archive of a livecast, Richard Curran, the Director of Enterprise for EMEA at Intel, stops by to talk about IT’s changing role in business and how CIOs can maximize their infrastructure to help the business. Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the business model, It is now being offered to individual business units on a service-based model.
  • Data Analytics and Personalized Healthcare – Intel® Chip Chat episode 309: Ketan Paranjape, the Director of Personalized Medicine in the Datacenter Group at Intel, stops by to talk about deploying Intel solutions in healthcare and how big data applies to the healthcare industry. Each human genome is around 3-4 terabytes of raw data. And ideally, patients should be sequenced and re-sequenced multiple times to see if treatments are working. Intel is working with a number of research institutions and partners on how we store and analyze that data rapidly, allowing the industry to start moving to truly personalized medicine. For more information, visit
  • Live from MWC: Carrier Grade Communications Server – Intel® Chip Chat episode 310: In this archive of a livecast, Glenn Seiler, the Vice President for Cloud and SDN Strategy at Wind River Systems, chats about the company’s recent announcement of the Wind River* Carrier Grade Communications Server that brings the NFV value prop to telecommunications providers. It features a complete software stack (Linux*, hypervisor, Openstack*) and has been designed specifically for the performance, reliability, and management requirements of the telecommunications industry. For more information, visit
  • Live from MWC: NFV and SDN Orchestration with Cyan – Intel® Chip Chat episode 311: In this archive of a livecast, Recep Ozdag, the Director of Solutions Marketing for Cyan Inc., stops by to talk about working with Intel, Dell, Red Hat and Connectem on an end-to-end NFV orchestration proof of concept demo. The PoC was sponsored by Sprint and Telefonica and demonstrates the technical and business viability of carrier-grade NFV deployment and service orchestration using cloud computing technologies. To learn more about Cyan’s broader network optimization story, visit or

Digital Nibbles Podcast:

  • Forecasting Technology Trends and Creating Customer Value – DNP episode 55: In this week’s episode Daniel Burrus (@DanielBurrus), author and CEO of Burrus Research, stops by to talk about predicting technology trends and the drivers accelerating them, including Moore’s Law as it applies to processing power, bandwidth and storage. He also touches on a new model of “everything as a service.” Then Peter Coffee (@PeterCoffee), VP for strategic research at, chats about creating customer value and a few responsibilities for enterprises in the future.
  • Technology Innovation and Design Thinking – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 56: Rather than our normal two guests, we’ve got a little bit of a longer (and fascinating) interview with Martin Duursma (@MartinDuursma), the VP of Citrix Labs and CTO Office Chair. He joins us to talk about innovation at Citrix and how listeners can apply Design Thinking to their ideas (be it a product iteration or a brand new idea). He also discusses upcoming trends – more seamless use of technology/technology that adapts to user needs – and give an update on Citrix’s upcoming Synergy conference. For more information, visit