The Data Stack – August 2014 Intel® Chip Chat Podcast Round-up

In August, Intel® Chip Chat checks in with two episodes on network performance and security, and three episodes related to making the data center more agile and flexible. We’ve covered everything from customizable silicon to optimizing cloud computing to silicon photonics. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming podcast, feel free to leave a comment on this post!


  • Addressing Network Performance Challenges with 6WIND – Intel® Chip Chat episode 326: Emre Eraltan, a Principal Field Application Engineer with 6WIND, stops by to talk about solving performance challenges for network vendors in telecommunications, enterprise and the cloud infrastructure market. 6WINDGate is an all-in-one packet processing software providing a high performance networking stack on top of different type of processors. He also discusses using the Intel® Data Plane Development kit for faster packet processing on x86 architectures. For more information, visit and
  • Customizable Silicon: Intel® Xeon® Processor + FPGA – Intel® Chip Chat episode 327: Frequent Chip Chat guest Raejeanne Skillern, the GM of cloud service providers at Intel, stops by to talk about making the data center more flexible and agile for delivery of services. While general purpose processors are good for a majority of applications, Intel recently announced a customizable Intel® Xeon® processor to optimize specific workloads. The new Xeon integrates an FPGA with a coherent link, leading to better performance and lower latency. To learn more, visit
  • Developing Standards for Silicon Photonics – Intel® Chip Chat episode 328: Victor Krutul (the Director of Silicon Photonics at Intel) and Stan Swirhun (the Director of Module Engineering for Silicon Photonics at Intel), chat about bringing Intel manufacturing to the process of making optical devices: The first silicon photonics products will hit the market in late 2014. They also discuss the formation and need for the CLR4 Alliance, a specification for defining SiPh link speed and distance in the data center. For more information, visit
  • Network Security Challenges and Solutions – Intel® Chip Chat episode 329: Bikram Gupta, a Senior Product Manager at Intel, stops by to talk about the Intel® Security suite of solutions including PC/mobile phone, security management, firewall and network security. With the move of many network appliances to software defined, security also migrating to new software defined security solutions. Bikram also discusses the rise of intelligent applications that leverage SDN and how those will be secured in the future. For more information, visit:
  • A Reliable and Optimized Cloud Hardware Stack with CenturyLink – Intel® Chip Chat episode 330: Richard Seroter, the Director of Product Management at CenturyLink Cloud, stops by to talk about building a global infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform to deliver both public and private clouds, and also discusses the recent launch of CenturyLink’s hyperscale high-performance cloud platform, designed for web-scale workloads, big data and cloud-native applications. For more information, visit