The Data Stack – December 2014 Intel® Chip Chat Podcast Round-up

In December we finished archiving livecast episodes from the Intel Developer Forum with episodes on security and the cloud, next-gen virtualization, cloud-aware apps, silicon photonics and Intel RealSense Technology. We then moved on to archiving OpenStack Summit podcasts. You can check out episodes on Intel’s OpenStack strategy and intelligent orchestration below. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming podcast, feel free to leave a comment on this post!

Intel® Chip Chat:

  • Bringing Security to the Cloud – Intel® Chip Chat episode 355: In this archive of a livecast from the Intel Developer Forum, Jim Comfort, the GM of Cloud Services in the Global Technology Services Unit at IBM and Karna Bojjireddy, Lead Security Architect for IBM Cloud Services, stop by to talk about the emerging cloud services market with the company’s acquisition of SoftLayer in 2013. SoftLayer provides cloud IaaS from data centers around the world, offering enterprises the ability to modernize their infrastructure with cloud services. SoftLayer recently announced that it is bringing Intel® Trusted Execution Technology and Trusted Platform Modules to it service, enabling enterprises to maintain security and control over their applications. For more information, visit
  • Hot Topics in Virtualization and Networking – Intel® Chip Chat episode 356: In this archive of a livecast from the Intel Developer Forum, Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe), an industry blogger and engineering architect at VMware, stops by to talk about recent developments in the virtualization and networking industry. He gives a great overview of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), why the industry should care, and where we are on the adoption curve. He also discusses a few emerging/popular technologies like network hardware and OS disaggregation, containers and rackscale architecture. For more information, visit or
  • The Importance of Building Cloud-Aware Apps – Intel® Chip Chat episode 357: In this archive of a livecast from the Intel Developer Forum, Cathy Spence (@cw_spence), a Principal Engineer with Intel IT, stops by to talk about developing cloud-aware applications with specific characteristics like on demand availability and elastic growth with an overall goal of realizing cost savings. Intel IT runs programs for developers to help practice building cloud-aware apps, and also publishes app design patterns and tracks how many and what types of cloud-aware apps are available. For more information, visit and
  • High-Bandwidth Networks Using Silicon Photonics – Intel® Chip Chat episode 358: In this archive of a livecast from the Intel Developer Forum, Mario Paniccia, an Intel Fellow and GM of Silicon Photonics at Intel and celebrity guest Andy Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems and current Founder, Chief Development Officer and Chairman of Arista Networks, stop by to talk about the need for 100 Gbps for large networks with massive aggregate throughputs. The biggest challenge to mainstream deployment is the cost of optics, which has been addressed with Intel Silicon Photonics by marrying optics with the silicon manufacturing process. For more information, visit
  • Intel® RealSense Technology for Natural and Immersive Apps – Intel® Chip Chat episode 359: In this archive of a livecast from the Intel Developer Forum, Ben Kepes, a technology analyst and founder Diversity Limited, and Eric Mantion, Evangelist for Intel RealSense Technology, chat about the innovative technology. Intel RealSense Snapshot allows for photos with depth, enabling re-focusing after the shot as well as interactive measurements. Intel RealSense 3D Camera sees like humans do, so it can respond to natural movement in 3 dimensions – you can control devices with a wave or scan your environment in 3D. The use cases for the technology are immense, everything from getting the perfect wedding photo to making sure your newly-purchased sofa will fit in a room to augmented reality schematics for buildings under construction. For more information, visit
  • Intel’s Hybrid Cloud Utilizing the OpenStack Platform – Intel® Chip Chat episode 360: In this archive of a livecast from the OpenStack Summit, Ruchi Bhargava (@Ruchi_Bhargava), an engineering manager and hybrid cloud program owner at Intel, stops by to talk about OpenStack and Intel’s ongoing development and deployment of a hybrid cloud using the software. The company started virtualizing services in 2008 and what began as an effort in efficiency has now moved to the automation of enterprise services using cloud computing and a transformed IT work force. For more information, visit or
  • Evolving Data Center Infrastructure for Intelligent Automation – Intel® Chip Chat episode 361: In this archive of a livecast from the OpenStack Summit, Alex Williams (@alexwilliams), Lead of The New Stack, chats about hot topics at the show: The growth of the OpenStack community and project maturity, container technology, the convergence of big data and private clouds, the evolution of networking and storage for intelligent orchestration, and trust in an open source environment. For more information, visit