The Latest on Cloud Computing

Intel and its partners have been talking a lot about cloud computing lately. Did you miss a blog, podcast, or Webcast? Well, below are a few recent highlights to get you up to speed.

Cloud Computing: Confusion to Convergence?

Boyd Davis, a general manager in the Data Center Group at Intel, gives his thoughts on the transition from industry confusion on the subject of cloud computing to a convergence of opinion about the transformative power of the cloud as an architecture for delivering IT.

Intel Chip Chat: The Future of the Cloud

Intel’s Jason Waxman, a general manager of the Data Center Group, provides an update on IT cloud computing, the development of private vs. public clouds, and where the cloud will be in 2015.

Webcast: Introduction to Intel Cloud Builder Program - Your Blueprint to Success

Billy Cox, Intel Director of Cloud Strategy & Planning, and Jim Blakely, Intel Director of End-User Platform Integration, talked about how Intel is working with the software and hardware ecosystem to test and validate public, private, and hybrid cloud computing infrastructures. The Webcast provided perspectives on cloud implementation strategies and key areas of consideration when building and enhancing clouds, as well as an overview of the Intel Cloud Builder program.

Webcast: Top 5 Must-Haves for Hybrid Cloud Computing

Experts from Intel and Univa addressed the use cases, benefits, and top five most important things for hybrid clouds, where an internal computing environment is extended to an external infrastructure based on requirements and demand.