The Power Behind Social Innovation, Software Defined Architecture and the Internet of Things with Hitachi and Intel

By Hu Yoshida, CTO, Hitachi Data Systems

Last week in Las Vegas, Hitachi and Hitachi Data Systems held our Connect 2015 event where we announced new offerings around Social Innovation, Software Defined Infrastructure and the Internet-of-Things. This week we are participating at Sapphire in Orlando where we are announcing new solutions to support real time analysis of big data with SAP HANA.

One common thread that ties together all these new Hitachi solutions is the power of Intel technology.

As Hitachi transforms from a provider of industry leading data storage technologies to a global provider of solutions that address some of the most challenging problems on the planet, we are delighted to be able to work closely with Intel to keep up with our customers requirements to process the exponentially accelerating volumes of data that will come from machine data, networks, videos and patient health records, to name just a few.


New SAP Solutions deliver over 40% more performance at 30% lower price

This week’s introduction of the Xeon E7v3 family of processors is another step in a long legacy of innovation which has enabled Hitachi Data Systems to solve big data analytics problems for customers such as SPAR Austria Group whose business depends on rapid analysis of very large unstructured data running on Hitachi Compute Blade 2000 systems and VSP storage platforms.

Together with Intel’s announcement, we are introducing the next generation in that lineage: SAP HANA scale-up solutions based on our new CB520X B2 blades (powered by Intel’s new Xeon E7v3 processors), along with our new CB2500 blade chassis and the next generation of (Intel powered) Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) technology. Lab testing has shown that the new solutions deliver 46% more performance (measured data loading speed) at 30% lower price, compared to the previous generation of UCP solutions for SAP HANA.


Hitachi Compute Blade 2500 with Xeon E7v3 powered CB520X B2 Blades

The new Intel Xeon processor – along with the rest of Intel’s product portfolio - is critical to Hitachi Data Systems’ ability to create the Social Innovation solutions to address the next generation of problems that face our companies, cities and global infrastructure.

The goal of Social Innovation is to deliver new solutions and services to make societies safer, smarter and healthier. Hitachi Data Systems is developing purpose-built solutions for a variety of markets that combine the power of connected devices and technologies – or the Internet of Things (IoT) – with operational technology (OT), machine-to-machine (M2M) and advanced data analytics, and best-of-breed IT infrastructure, all in a unified, fully integrated stack


New Solution and Services for Social Innovation

The following are some of the solutions that Hitachi Data Systems announced last week that are ready for market:

Hitachi Visualization for Public Safety

This solution offers situational awareness solutions for law enforcement professionals by integrating multiple types of data from cameras, sensors, emergency dispatch and social media.

Hitachi Live Insight for Telecom

Hitachi Live Insight for Telecom offers enhanced network analytics that are specifically designed to support communication service providers and their customers’ ability to enhance network services using real-time insight.

Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations

This cloud-based M2M analytics solution helps customers achieve optimal performance and availability from their IT infrastructure and gain operational intelligence at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Hitachi Clinical Repository for connected health

HCR for connected health empowers healthcare professionals with sophisticated data analytics tools and proven delivery methods to optimize patient care. It provides a multipurpose data repository where all clinical and nonclinical data can be stored, backed up, preserved and retrieved on a single, integrated platform.

Hitachi Live Insight Center of Excellence

Hitachi Live Insight Center of Excellence helps organizations confidently and swiftly test, customize and deploy advanced data analytics solutions, applications, platforms, and integrated solutions to support new business initiatives using a single point of coordination across various Hitachi and third-party resources.

You can find more information about Social Innovation here.

Software Defined Infrastructure

Underlying all these analytics platforms is best of breed software defined infrastructure. In addition to our expanded portfolio of software defined storage, content platforms, and converged solutions, we have expanded our midrange storage, expanded the range of our converged solutions and released a new hyper-converged solution for data lake applications and scale out applications.

Intel’s Xeon E7v3 announcement enhances our infrastructure story for servers and carries forward Hitachi’s unique innovations in server technology such as x86 LPARs, automated blade failover and incremental scaling from 2 to 8 socket systems. Together with our leading storage products, these features allow our solutions to deliver the very large memory and IO capabilities that these big data analytic and social Innovation Solutions demand.

Intel is a key contributor to all of our announcements in Social Innovation and Software Defined Infrastructure. Intel’s innovation in processor technology, combined with Hitachi Data Systems’ innovations in storage, servers and converged infrastructure design for scale-up and scale-out – together with real time analytics - will enable us to deliver on our goal for Social Innovation, to make societies that are smarter, safer, and healthier.

For more information on Hitachi Data Systems Connect 2015 announcements please see the following resources on social innovation‌ and software defined infrastructure‌.