The Professor Is In … The Server Learning Center

About a year ago, we started the “Ask An Expert” Forum and the response from the community was overwhelming.  We get questions ranging from general product awareness to product selection guidance to technical support questions. 

The Server Learning Center complements “Ask and Expert” and is designed to help streamline the community’s ability to find answers to questions more quickly and help us serve you better.  We hope you find both the information included as the layout both informative and easy to use.

We have started this forum with a focus on Nehalem (Intel Xeon 5500). However, if we are missing something (either on Nehalem or something else), you can let us know and we will work to fill the gaps.  If this is a popular forum within the community, we can work to list the items that are most popular within the community first so that the most relevant content that your peers find useful rises to the top.

Click around. Check out the content. Provide your point of view. Share your experiences. Invite others to join the conversation. And most importantly, let us know how we can make this a more valuable forum for you.

Give us feedback and by the way … Welcome to class

Professor Chris Peters (and the rest of the Intel Experts)

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