The Similarities Between a Cloud Forest and Cloud Computing

I had never heard of a cloud forest before I went on vacation this past June to Costa Rica where I spent time at the Villa Blanca Resort.  Even when we arrived at Villa Blanca, I have to admit I was a little confused.  I had expected to see a forest in the clouds, however, I saw a beautiful hill side scattered with a few trees.

villa blanca grounds.jpg

However, when we went on our walking tour the next morning, our tour guide walked up to one of the larger trees and says “Welcome to the Cloud Forest.  This tree is a perfect example of a cloud forest”.   As I looked more closely at the tree, I was amazed at what I saw - this single tree was host to thousands of species of both plants and animals.

  cloud forest tree.jpgcloud forest foliage.jpg

Nature is extremely efficient in it’s use of a cloud forest.  Likewise, Cloud Computing is an extremely efficient use of computing resources.  It is for this reason that Intel IT has developed an enterprise cloud computing strategy focused on building an internal cloud to boost efficiency and flexibility inside of our IT infrastructure.  This internal cloud strategy is closely linked to our current use and accelerated plans for virtualization. In addition Intel IT uses the external cloud services selectively for certain applications.

Additionally, we are exploring using rich mobile clients with cloud computing models moving forward to better meet the needs of an ever changing user base, consumerization trends and the need to maintain highly efficient, secure information and application delivery to employees.

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And .. if you ever have the chance to visit Costa Rica .. visit the cloud forest. It was worth the trip.

Chris Peters, Intel IT