The Votes Are In! Capture Your Experience Audience Winner Announced

The Intel Capture Your Experience IDF 2010 contest is now over!  We tasked participants of the contest at IDF to capture the data center experience at its best.  We made our decision on the judged winner; it was then the audience’s turn to make the decision.  And, thanks to all those that voted we have a winner. YouTube has kindly (automatically) tallied the liked videos on our playlist, and we have the winner of the Boxee box, TV, and Intel Atom based Home Server.  So who is it already?

Allen Light, you Captured Your Experience at IDF 2010, and according to the YouTube masses get to take home that Ultimate Home System!

The contest turned out great!  For that, please take our gratitude and huge kudos to everyone that participated in the contest and voted on the IDF 2010 Capture Your Experience videos.  Make sure to know what’s coming up, follow us in real time on Twitter @IntelXeon.