Thoughts from IDF Beijing 2012: Another excellent “Day in the Cloud”

I’ve been attending Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing this week. At the beginning of the week, we also held our second PRC “Day in the Cloud” event. This particular post will be on the Day in the Cloud event. Look for another post shortly on IDF and the state of the cloud in China.


In this “Day in the Cloud” event, we had 30+ members from the press/bloggers in attendance. As reflects the state of the China market, the press and bloggers here are quite savvy and ask good, pointed questions. The overall level of sophistication is clearly advancing year over year. With great leaders such as Taobao (Chinese), Ali, Tencent, and others, that should not be a big surprise.

One fundamental observation is that while the press is quite savvy, they are dealing with a reader base that spans the range from new to the topic of cloud computing all the way to experts. As a result, they work to understand the ‘why’ and ‘so what’ on any given topic; they are definitely interested in the ‘what’, but tend to want to understand the ‘why’ and ‘so what’ to really understand why something is relevant. In China, we find a large number of end customers that never had traditional IT (in the US sense) and so have the chance to directly move to more efficient structures (aka cloud). These customers are ready and willing to adopt new techniques and represent a leading edge audience for these press and bloggers.

We have also seen a distinct difference in the specific content from our China partners in the Intel ® Cloud Builders program. Our PRC partners speak specifically to the PRC versions of the usage models and also in the context of the PRC ecosystem partners. It is great to see this diversity and innovation coming from all segments of the market.