Tips on Managing For Growth And Change In A Tough Economy

I'm not sure who first coined the phrase "Innovate or Die" and there is some debate  - however in tough times, innovation is a proven way to both save money and get ahead.  Recently I had the opportunity to co-present a seminar on this topic with Anita Campbell of MidMarket Innovators and Sun's Mac McConnell.

This seminar was more interesting from others i've done or attended since it was discusion heavy and content light.

Also surprising was that over 40% of the participants were anticipating IT budget increases in the next 6 months.   I haven't heard that kind of a statistic in a long time.

We touched on the key subjects below

  • Business Outlook
  • Strategies & Tips for Success
  • Customer Case Studies
    • Practice-IT, an online training technology provider, utilized VMware and was able to significantly expand its capacity to support increasing workloads without increased cost as the company added new customers.
      • NaviSite, a medium-sized hosting company, has 17 data centers around the globe. The company has a large VMware environment and needed to consolidate this environment to save costs while increasing the agility to respond to their customer’s needs.
      • Catholic Diocese of Boise, a non-profit providing services and support for 54 parishes, 33 missions and chapels, 14 K–12 schools, a library, and 40 offices, has 38 employees who work at a central administrative office.  They were able to reduce 28 servers down to 4, by implementing Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V to minimize costs and increase server utilization.


    Anita's recap of the seminar is here where you can also hear a re-play