Top 10: Reasons to Buy in a Recession

Ever since Johnny Carson introduced his Top Ten format on the Tonight Show, I have found myself a big fan of this format. (Note: I guess the origin of the top 10 format may not have been new with the Tonight Show but it was my first exposure – I guess I date myself some ).

Many times the top 10 format is fun and entertaining, however, my topic today is a little more serious. In January of 2009, I found Tech Republic’s “10 Reasons To Purchase New Hardware During A Recession” on a ZDNet Blog

  1. Equipment still wears out

  2. Productivity becomes paramount

  3. Downtime is expensive

  4. Competition suffers too

  5. Manufacturers offer discounts

  6. Consultants more willing to negotiate

  7. Running older hardware longer costs more

  8. Interrupting purchasing cycles is expensive

  9. New applications require greater resources

  10. Employee retention remains a consideration

As I spend my days talking IT managers around the world, many of these items resonate with me and whether you are investing to support continued daily business operations (existing hardware is a limiter for you), to improve IT efficiency (reduce operating costs of aging install base) or to business competitiveness (offer new services before your competition does) … many of these Tech Republic Top 10 reasons (see below) were at the heart of their investment strategy.  

So before you cut your IT budget in response to economic conditions, consider if purpose driven IT investments might deliver you a competitive advantage by enabling you and your company to do more with less.

Tune in next few weeks for a my two part series covering the benefits of IT investments in specific business environments

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ð      Large Enterprise: Why Buy for the Big Guy?

PS: Do you have a favorite top 10 (personal or business)?