Tour de Partnership: Intel & Oracle

Many folks might know that the Tour de France started several days ago.  One thing I watch when viewing is how important is it for the leader of each team to be working with the rest of the team to maximize results.   Each individual can be successful and work independently and have a great Tour.  However, if they coordinate activities of the entire team, they can win the Tour.  It takes the best mountain riders to drive the team (and also their own leader) while in the mountains and the best sprinters to drive in all the flat sections.  Working together, synergistically, they can exceed the speed and overall reduce the time to ride this grueling race.  In IT, we have a similar goal in that we would like for all of the assets we purchase to work better together.

Intel has been working on the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 family based platform to make sure it is the platform of choice for the latest in-memory computing solutions from our software partners - enabling customers to get the best performance while at the same time leveraging the standard high-volume economics of IA.  If we had stopped there, that would be fine and meet the needs of many organizations.  But how do we exceed this goal and help our partners deliver solutions to truly help optimize your business?

It takes synergy to make this happen.  Intel has a long standing collaboration with industry leading software companies to help tune and optimize their solution for the latest Intel Xeon platform technologies. But when two teams work more synergistically, the results can be extended.  One such longstanding partnership is with Oracle where we have been working since the early 90's in making each of our solutions better together.

In our most recent collaboration with Oracle on their Exadata x4-8 engineered system, we created an optimized SKU of our latest Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 family, that when coupled with Oracle software enhancements allowed them to deliver an “elastic” compute environment for their customers.  This elastic computing solution required optimization of the Intel® Xeon® processor E7-8895 v2 SKU and changes in Oracle software to allow Oracle applications to dynamically scale the frequency and number of cores available to Oracle software in order to maximize application throughput.  This type of collaboration requires complete understanding of what the software is doing, and what the hardware can do better to take advantage of the software capabilities.

Delivering this kind of capability is very important for the IT customers who want to get high throughput and flexibility for all the workloads delivered by their applications.  You can see more about what Oracle and Intel are delivering together in this webcast, located here.