Using Instrumentation To Drive Data Center Efficiency In The Cloud

I am consistently amazed by the stories I hear from customers and in industry publications about the power issues that data centers are facing these days.  Given the increased compute demand, decreasing budgets and power & cooling resource constraints, data centers simply cannot continue to operate as they have in the past.  These challenges are especially true for Cloud deployments, where the sheer scale of the installations magnifies any resource utilization inefficiencies – especially power – and reduces the TCO benefits promised.   Data Center Managers need new levels of understanding and control of their power resources in order to allocate capacity to seamlessly meet the needs of their customers, and instrumentation is evolving to provide those new capabilities that are required.

At its core, instrumentation is all about sources of data and points on control, and can be at the individual component level, coordinated server level, aggregated group level or even integrated into the facility and building management system level.   At IDF in SFO, you will see a wealth of demos and sessions that will highlight how OEMs and ISVs can use a wealth of instrumentation points - starting with Intel Xeon Processor 5500 features - to develop and deliver innovative management and power management capabilities that can be used to run a Cloud environment is a more efficient manner.  If you are at IDF, stop by one of the following sessions to learn more about instrumentation.

  • ECTS0004 - Improving Data Center Efficiency With Intel® Xeon® Processor Based Instrumentation
  • PDCS002 - Cloud Power Management with Intel® Microarchitecture (Nehalem) Processor-based Platforms
  • Meet The Experts – informal session in the Server Zone during the Tuesday evening Technology Showcase hours
  • Server Zone in the Technology Showcase to see the power monitoring and capping demos, including Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager.

I will be staffing the Meet The Experts event – stop by with your questions and thoughts on instrumentation!  See you at IDF Sept 22-24