VMWorld 2011: Is Cloud Computing Socially Reliable? Technology Rock Stars respond…

Steve Jobs in 1985 with Mac Computers

The most compelling reason for most people to buy a computer for the home will be to link it to a nationwide communications network. We’re just in the beginning stages of what will be a truly remarkable breakthrough for most people––as remarkable as the telephone”

– Steve Jobs, 1985, Legendary Technology Rock Star

As companies grow older, mature technologists (i.e Technology Rock Stars) can become more skeptical of the value created in the lives of individuals throughout the world. My personal skepticism has lead me to question my own work, question my own management chain and question the experts (including myself) regarding the benefits of technology to society at large. As an aspiring Technology Rock Star (TRS), part of product development progress means that I question everything that has been done in the past.

Skepticism begets optimism, and the industry moves forward once the hype cycle "crosses the chasm". Cloud Computing has become the core to growth in the financial markets for technology companies. Bad ideas with "Cloud" associated get funds, while more technically aspiring projects are left on the drawing board. Social Networking and Cloud have become the "arbiters of innovation" without an actual creation of technology; rather they are "arbiters of content" and brilliant marketers.

In 1996, legendary Technology Rock Star Bill Gates wrote a letter stating that "content is king" and the future of computing is in content. An AOL-Time Warner merger and 15 years later, after several billionaires made/lost substantial amounts...he may still be right. However, this time around, it is not structured content but unstructured data across a plethora of devices from the handheld to the data center that drive the explosion of content.

For Intel, the explosion of unstructured/structured data, which is on track to increase 44 times in the next decade, presents a challenge that forced us to create a new vision for our company. This vision, led by Kirk Skaugen, provides us with a depth of capabilities and technologies that are new to a traditionally silicon company. At Intel, we have a dilemma in this age of Cloud Computing and Social Networking. How do we design technologies, solutions, and industry partnerships that solve the new world’s most difficult technology concerns?

If “content is king” but context is value, where does Intel fit?

You now understand some of the dilemmas and concerns we have when we debate the funding of our next technology platforms. Does anyone care? The answer is yes…but context is everything.

We recently announced the Intel Xeon E7 family of processors. This new platform delivers breathtaking 2,4 and 8+ socket performance for enterprise class applications, with 10-Cores and 20 threads of performance per socket. For many, it reminds us of a "Cluster on a Chip". I had the opportunity to work with the product management and engineering team of this platform on a regular basis to discuss Cloud Computing, virtualization, and to a lesser degree, security. This is the start of Intel’s Socially Reliable future. A future committed to virtualization, reliability, security, and performance delivered in a platform.

At VMWorld 2011, I have the unique pleasure to co-present a session on Intel's vision for Cloud Computing with a dear friend and Technology Rock Star, Billy Cox, Director of Intel's Cloudbuilders program. We will discuss the changing landscape of Open Data Centers, the trends for the industry, and how Intel invests in our cloud computing future.

Many argue that Cloud Computing is a business model, not a technology. I respectfully disagree. Cloud Computing provides a unique opportunity to deliver reliable breakthrough technologies to an ever changing content ecosystem in a socially responsible manner. If you plan to be at VMWorld this year, come by the Intel Booth/Supersession and tell us your story.

If you cannot make VMWorld this year in Las Vegas, please watch on Wikibon where we discuss Intel’s initiative in the Open Data Center or send a comment.

August 31, 2011 - VMWorld: 8:30am

IT Rock Stars Unite: Find Out What It Takes to Lead Your Organization Into Cloud Computing

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