WEDOS Gets Set for Greener Growth with Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 Series

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wedos.jpgBased in the Czech Republic, WEDOS is a Web hosting and virtual server (VPS) provider and online consultancy. It planned to build a new data that needed to support a wide range of environments, applications, and databases. Demand for capacity and compute power varies significantly from customer to customer, so WEDOS needed a flexible and easily scalable infrastructure. At the same time, to keep service prices competitive, it had to ensure its own capital and operating expenses were under control. After assessing the infrastructure solutions available, WEDOS chose a Fujitsu* server fleet powered by Intel® Xeon® processors L5640.

Petr Štastný, CEO at WEDOS, explains: “It is important to us that we offer our customers the very best IT services. This means that both energy efficiency and performance were essential when building our new data center. By optimizing our power usage from the outset, we wanted to ensure that we not only demonstrated strong green credentials, but also that we could keep costs low and response time fast.”

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