WELCOME to the Server Room!

Hi all!

I'm Trevor Lawless, community manager for the Server Room, and manager of Performance Benchmarking within Intel's Server Platforms Group. Because we regularly visit with IT, I am excited to bring a Server-specific forum to Intel's communities website. My desire here is to share the expertise of some of our key team members, and make the Server Room a knowledge center for you, the IT manager.

In the first few weeks of the Server Room we will be covering a number of topics via discussions and blogs from our experts. We are starting this week with discussions around Intel's new 45nm Hi-k metal gate processor-based platforms, and why we think they are "Optimized for you". You will see Intel experts sharing their opinions on Platform performance, power benefits, and our push to be Eco-friendly. Check out Shannon Poulin's blog here. In addition, on the schedule in the coming weeks are additional topics such as "Optimized for HPC": Intel's next generation CPU and chipset combination; "Optimized for Datacenter": Future Datacenter, Power benefits at datacenter scale; Virtualization "Where Silicon and Software Meet"; "Performance Optimized for Workstations", the future workstation.

I look forward to these discussions, and your comments, in the coming weeks. Happy blogging!