Were you on the lookout for the Data Center Dude?

At IDF 2010 many people were on the looking for him why?  Because if you found a person wearing the “Data Center Dude Approved” t-shirt you could have been one of six to win a 160 GB Intel Solid State Disk. (SSD)  Not everyone received an SSD but great conversations were had no matter what, and it was great to meet everyone!  Thanks for finding us, and the great chats, a few of the winners are:

  • Kevin Vuong
  • Charles Wang
  • Chaim Gartenberg

greg-wagnon.png As for the Data Center dude himself, that is Greg Wagnon.  Greg hosts a video series focused on connecting viewers with the technologies and experts behind those technologies at Intel.  Through demonstration and discussion with those experts, Greg introduces everyone out there to the people who make it happen.  You can find out more on the Chip Chat interview with Greg and by checking out the Data Center Dude series at the Server Room.

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