What’s the deal with Cloud computing? Ask us live at VMworld 2011!

These days, "Cloud" represents more than just a visible mass of water droplets suspended in the atmosphere…It's more than just a weather pattern or a new technology buzz-word; it's the future of an industry.

However with new technology come new questions, which is why we would like to hear from you
What do you want to know about Cloud computing?

During VMworld 2011, there will be a livecast with Billy Cox, Intel Corporation’s Director of Cloud Software Strategy.


Since joining Intel in 2007, Billy now leads the Cloud strategy efforts for the Intel Software and Services Group. In addition to his strategy responsibilities, he  is one of the main driving forces behind the Cloud Builders program. As an avid  participant in Cloud Builders, Billy provides great insight on moving to the cloud, hybrid cloud, and usage models and technology. In his 30+ years of industry experience, Billy has led the design of compute, network, and storage  solutions and actively participated in multiple standards efforts.

You can listen in and participate in the live discussion with Billy Cox on Cloud computing and Intel Cloud Builders on Tuesday August 30th at 4:40 PM PST.

This is your chance to learn about Cloud computing from an Intel expert, and have your questions answered!

What should we ask Billy? You tell us!

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