“when” and “how” – RISC migration

The current economic environment is leading to Customers becoming increasingly aware that there is an economic benefit in migrating from RISC/UNIX environment to Intel platforms. Here at Intel we have seen a significant increase in requests from Customers that are considering this opportunity. There are several paths available to migrate with multiple operating systems supported on the Intel architectures. Customers will decide on their operating system environment, and in some industries we are seeing a demand to move from Unix to Linux. Customers are understanding the TCO and economic benefits of moving and are now focused on ‘when’ and ‘how’ to migrate.  Eoin McConnell and others blogged about this in greater depth. Resources are available from Redhat to assist with migration.  Red Hat and Intel team is responding to that and moving to the next phase of delivering "when" and “how-to.”  Following up two webinars the team delivered earlier (Apr 28 webinar, May 14 webinar), on June 24, at 11am pacific, 2pm eastern, we will be delivering our first "when" and “how-to” webinar putting solution experts from both companies under the spotlight.  Please register, spread the word, and join this webinar:  Register!!!