Who is the “Intel Data Center Dude”?

The short answer is... it’s me: Greg Wagnon and my stuff.

The longer and perhaps more accurate answer is that it is me and my offer to you a collection of insights and perspectives that you will not get anywhere else in the world.  The Data Center Dude is who I am as I show you the people I know around work and the things we are all working on.

Why am I 'qualified' for such a title?

Well, I am not sure “Dude” is much of a title, but the “Data Center” part is certainly pertinent to my experiences.  I've been at Intel for over 11 years now, and that time has been spent on Intel’s server products.  I've worked in server validation teams, performance benchmarking, competitive analysis, board design, and the marketing of these products to various customers around the world.  I've administered several servers along the way, supported just about every family member with their client computing needs, and played the IT Administrator role by helping a small business manage their systems as well.  I have not managed a large Data Center, but I know people that do, and we'll see if we can get them to share their experiences with us.

I am by no means an expert on all things.  I do know a LOT of the experts though.  Data Center’s utilize servers, and knowing the various components, and people who define what Servers and Data Centers are, is what I am here to offer you.  So, between what I know and who I know around here, that makes me a good guide for you to learn more about Intel Servers and the Data Center.

S7300195 (Small).JPG

Sometimes measuring the bottleneck can be interpreted in so many ways.

What is a Data Center?

Intel holds the view that a Data Center is not just a giant building with thousands of servers racked and blinking away in the dark cool environment that they need.  These buildings essentially run large business applications.  They grind through amazing amounts of work that many of us will not appreciate until years later when, for instance… a product that is being modeled by all these servers would the market (Intel’s Green Field Data Center video as an example of an Intel Data Center).  This is however, only one type of Data Center.

A Data Center can also be described as that single server box under the desk in the back of the office of a law firm, or eye doctor's office.  That one computer is the center of their computing world and may be running all the mail, billing, web access, and application sharing that the entire office uses from their desktops.  It is the center of their computing needs and thus, a Data Center for them.  The Data Center are these two things and every other implementation in between that you can think of where a server system, or many, many, many, many systems do work.

What the Data Center Dude will bring to you.

Essentially, it will be videos, BLOG's and perspectives that you may not get otherwise.  I am going to various events and will report 'Live From' to you with pictures, video, and information about what is going on.  You will see the server product demonstrations going on from both Intel and others that are key to our industry.  All in an effort to offer you a unique perspective and insights into what Intel is doing to enable the vast, yet often quiet world of Data Center’s and all the components involved.

So, sit back, check back frequently, watch what I have to offer and be sure to let us know what you think.  We’re not looking for video gold or uber viral videos, so be kind on the quality of our video production.  We’re doing this on our own, without much paid expertise, so look at the content more than the delivery.  This is just from me to you, nothing fancy.

Our first video highlights Total Cost of Ownership on servers.  This video was done with a coworker of mine, who wrote a BLOG post discussing how server performance drives down IT costs and as you will see, he sits right across from me.  These videos are of me and my coworkers at work, so you will get to see more than just the content of the day, you get to see where we work and a little about how we spend our time.

I will be monitoring Data Center Dude video comments and responding as well, so leave comments wherever you can.