Who’s Your Quarterback? — for Server Refresh

Developing a server refresh strategy requires coordination .. among IT, business units, facilities, finance and possibly others

For many organizations, who buys the servers, maintains them and sees the power bill are all different silo'd organizations.  The issue in developing a strategy is that if each of these independent organizations don't get together refresh may never happen - why?  Because each organization only sees a portion of the overall costs and savings, what is right for one group may show a negative impact or cost.  However, because the new benefits of server refresh (doing more with less) touches so many pieces of the collective organization that the end result is usually a positive.  Kind of like how athletes need to rely on each other to achieve a common goal - winning the game.

So how do you get everyone on the same page?  In sports, this is the role of the coach or in some cases the on-field leader (quarterback, captain ...).  Last week i sat in on a data center summit hosted by Intel IT.  Inside intel, the quarterback is corporate finance who can see all the pluses and minuses that impact the corporate P&L and help optimize a decision that is best for the company and shareholders.

Last year Intel IT saved $45M in operational savings and cost avoidance while supporting growing compute demands.  Read the 2008 Annual Perf Report

Intel IT in combination with Alinean and myself helped develop a savings estimator

to help you assess your opportunity for savings

  • Who is your Quarterback for Server Refresh?
  • Is your organization even in the game?

As they would say in Disney's High School Musical - Get your Head in the Game