Why Are You Still Running Your CAD Application As 32 Bit Application?

Ok it may be that your IT department or enterprise applications are limiting your opportunity to adopt 64 bit version of your favorite CAD application, but your inability to adopt a 64 bit CAD application can be very limiting to your productivity.

Here as an example from a recent discussion with some end users who are involved in a workstation pilot with Intel.  When they moved to a 64 bit version of their favorite CAD application the time to open a 2.5GB file dropped from 20 minutes to less than 1.

Question - How many files does your engineering team open a day?  What is the cost of the 20 minutes?

Customers operating in a 32 bit world are forced to work with smaller models.  You knew that.  And of course smaller file sizes will open faster.


Rather than working with the chassis, engine and transmission in a single view, you will need to work each one independently.  The results is you may miss a design interference, a misalignment or another obvious design issue, because you only had a partial view of the entire design.  More rework and more delays.

Yes but... many of the enterprise applications you use are 32 bit and you need to have a 32 bit workstation environment in order to access these tools.  That may have been true once, but with technology like Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O and Parallels™ Workstation Extreme software you now have the opportunity for an uncompromised workstation experience.  You get all the benefits of a 64 bit CAD application and you can still work within a 32 bit environment when you need to.  You can even pass the data between workstation environments.

Do not be too slow to adopt a 64 bit version of your favorite CAD application, just opening files faster and working with a complete design can make eth cost of a new workstation irrelevant.

To learn more about Intel® Xeon® based workstations visit www.intel.com\go\workstation