Xeon 7400 – Good benchmarks… what about real apps?

There is always a sense of apprehension and skepticism when there is a new processor out in the market. And there is nothing wrong with that. Customers would like to see not just benchmarks (with simulated real life workloads) but also real applications demonstrating performance and scaling on a new technology.

And I decided to share with you the gains our software friends see on the 6-core Intel Xeon Processor 7400 based Servers.

OMNIEnterprise is a Core Banking Solution from a leading ISV, InfrasoftTech. Running on Intel Xeon Processor E7430, this application showed a 22% performance at about 50% less processor utilization than the previous generation Xeon E7330. Clearly, giving customers the headroom to grow the load on the server.

SARAS is an E-learning suite of applications from Excel-Soft. This application was able to handle 50% more requests in a virtual environment using VMware VMM as compared to the previous generation platform.

TCS, a leading Financial Services ISV, ran a number of Banking and Financial Apps on the Xeon Processor X7460 and saw 20% to 50% higher throughput than its predecessor.

We are now seeing many ISVs and customers get the performance and scaling of the 45nm 6-core Xeon 7400 processor based Servers.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a Xeon 7400 based Server now and get it to work for you !!!