Yoga for Your Servers – Lesson 2: IT Requirements for Virtualization

Virtualization is transforming the way IT looks at server technology and usages in the data center.  In Lesson 1 , I interviewed Sudip Chahal (Intel IT) about the wide variety of use models for virtualization that are being deployed and evaluated across data centers worldwide. 

It was clear to me that the sheer volume of interest and activity around virtualization was transforming the way that IT was looking at technology, affecting their requirements for future server purchases. In Lesson 2 Sudip Chahal (Intel IT) and I discuss the changing technology requirements IT has on server platforms and technology across the data center to support both consolidation and emerging flexible usage models that depend on live VM migration.

Yesterday I had the chance to sit and discuss virtualization with Matt Eastwood, a leading analyst from IDC.  Matt refered to these new live VM migration models under the concept of improved mobility for the data center.  During our dicussion I mentioned this blog and the similarities to the themes I was writing about.

I invite you to view this short video (~ 5min) and comment about how your server product requirements are changing as you evaluate or deploy virtualization in your business.