Yoga for Your Servers – Lesson 3: Technology Designed for a Dynamic Data Center

In Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 Sudip Chahal (Intel IT) shared his perspective on virtualization usages and technology requirements respectively. It was clear to me that Live VM Migration usage models are transforming the requirements placed on server infrastructure.

In Lesson 3 , our final video in this series on virtualization, I interviewed Intel Technology Specialist Radhakrishna (RK) Hiremane Shridhar, who discusses the platform and hardware assist technology that has been designed specifically into the current and future generations of Intel processor based servers to support both consolidation and emerging flexible live VM migration use models.I invite you to view lesson 3 (~ 6min) and comment on the usefulness of this information to your business planning.

I hope you were able to gains some key insights in this series. 

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Can your Server Do Yoga? Namasté

Chris Peters, Intel