10 Reasons to Embrace Enterprise Mobility? I only need ONE

Employee Productivity.

I was reading a blog today from Dan Ortega, Senior Director of Product Marketing for mobility products at Sybase, titled the "10 reasons to mobilize".

I agree with Dan on the many benefits of IT organizations who embrace mobility - however, I believe the single biggest benefitof embracing mobility today is improving employee productivity.  Improving productivity and efficiency of workers by providing choice and freedom of work-model and style are behind many of the 10 reasons Dan cites.

The Intel IT organization has been focused on mobility for over a decade and has seen first-hand the variety of benefits for IT, our business and employees.  The demand for mobility is increasing dramatically today with new devices, growing popularity of social media solutions and the demand for global collaboration.  As we seek to capture and create business value from these technology and usage trends, we are finding key productivity advantages of embracing IT consumerization trends (facts in the Intel IT annual report) along with the need to securely adopt personal hand-helds and re-define our security policies to improve business agility.

The Intel IT organization first adopted the mobility "bug" over 10 years ago that began with our shift from desktop-based PCs to laptop-based PCs.  That transition was extremely beneficial to Intel and helped us reduce costs in IT by 67% over the course of a decade.  Mobile TCO reduction.JPG

While this was good for both IT and financials, the gradual evolution of our mobile business PC strategy delivered business value in other areas  also (figure below) that provided our employees with better performing, more secure tools to enable them to do their job with more efficiency - while on the go away from their desks.  Flexibility was a key advantage in the both the ways (and where) employees could work and the ways that IT could deliver access to a variety of business applications in a variety of different computing models all while improving both security and manageability of the fleet.

These key lessons have made mobility a way of life inside Intel IT.


Has your IT organization embraced Mobility?

What benefits did you gain?

What challenges did you or do you face today?

Chris P